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Writing themes is the easiest part of the entire process of PSD to wordpress conversion.  It is gives one the free hand to choose which designs to work with and how to go about the entire process of writing.  It is the technical aspect of writing code to build one’s own themes and customize them before activating the same themes.  Word press themes are files and styles that work together to help create beautiful sites.  The first thing is to actually go for themes that one is familiar with and have them in a folder with a different name in order to look at them and their features for later reference when creating one’s theme.  The simplicity of these themes that one likes allow for one to get the particular style in CSS by just duplicating the same and rewording it without so much as hustle on learning the language.

That is honest truth about coding that many people don’t get to know.  Therein also lays the catch of design to WordPress because if one is not using a reputable tutorial then one might be led to use computer generated code that will not rank much and later have many complaints when expecting adulation and success stories.  But why undertake PSD to WordPress conversion in the first place?  Because the simplicity of conversion in the blogging language for website generation; is like a walk in the park for the users of the blogging tool.  The rest is plain easy once the user has the hang of design, style and conversion.

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