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VASER High Def is probably one of the latest trends when it comes to liposuction. And since it is relatively new, a lot of people still want to know more about it. So what is vaser high def and does it have any difference with the other forms of liposuction?

VASER is actually acronym for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance or in other words, ultra-sound. By using this kind of method, the vibration is used to liquefying the fat of the patient. This method is very different from laser liposuction or Smartlipo where the light is amplified to dissolve the fat. Of course, it is also hugely different from the traditional liposuction where tubes and suction devices are used to get all the fat.

According to experts, the Vaser High Def is relatively safer and less invasive than others that it wouldn’t require so much blood. But as for how long that the procedure is done, it is said that Vaser takes longer than the traditional liposuction but not also longer than the tumescent type of liposuction.

There are a lot of doctors that you can contact when it comes to this type of procedure. And one of the best doctors that you can probably call on is Dr. Jason Miller. Dr. Jason Miller is recognized as one of the best in the field of liposuction especially with the new trends and techniques out there. You can choose to go to his clinic so you could find out more about VASER High Def and other liposuction.

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