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With more and more companies offering website hosting facilities, the competition to acquire clients is ever rising. Many agencies that offer other web related services have also started offering web-hosting solutions. For them, it is merely a matter of branching out and starting another division in their company. With the increasing demand and importance of setting up a website, this business continues to grow with every passing year.

There are several different kinds of related services a company can offer apart from website hosting. Social media marketing is one such aspect, wherein an agency handles promotion and marketing on various platforms, such as social networking sites, video directories etc. Organizations invest a great deal of money on the same. Web advertising is another such activity. Placement of banner ads all across the web for promotion of various campaigns has also become famous. Full service digital companies also undertake domain name registration and purchase activities. These are the most basic activities; post which, web hosting via servers like VPS and dedicated server could be conducted.

Many of these services go hand in hand with web hosting. Most companies try offering all of these to their clients in one complete bouquet. Organizations too prefer this, as there is one point contact for all activities. They have tied up with the agency, as they already trust the other services offered by them. Reliability is the key here, as a field as dynamic as the web can have crisis situations at any point of time, and only dependable people can help one out of them.

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