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The weather in St Lucia Resort attracts all vacationers to the lush and beautiful caribbean vacation. Other reasons which make the island so popular are the all inclusive resort, parks, volcano, rain forest hikes, and of course the pristine beaches. The island sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? However, if you want to visit there, you should know that there are also months when the weather may be rougher than usual.

Like every other Caribbean destination, the place has a high rate of visitors from December through May. There is a mix of visits during the summer months and a sudden drop-off in September and October during the hurricane season. Officially, the hurricane season starts from June 1 to November 30. However you should be aware that the peaks occur in September and October, when the region has its highest number of storms typically. At these times hurricanes and heavy rains frequent the island.

February to May sees a dry season while June to December sees rain. Temperature wise the highest climes to 86 degrees Fahrenheit going down to an average of 75 degrees the whole year round. The average highs and lows only vary by two degrees, fairly making the temperatures consistent throughout the year. You’d be glad to find out that the temperature at any one day rarely goes higher than 93 degrees or falls below 72 degrees, the perfect weather vacation. 

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