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In today’s world, an organization without a website is like a farmer without a tractor for plowing. Any occupation, without the right tools of the trade, is useless. That is why, a Virtual Private Server or a VPS server is extremely important. Also known as Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting allows businesses to create a server as per their customization demands. This customization consists of additional storage space in terms of hard disk, and faster server speed in terms of RAM. An office may require a good server to cater to its customer’s needs. Setting up printing equipment, fax machines, scanners, web cameras, billing equipment, etc could be set up via this virtual server.

Many companies, which hire agencies for their web hosting and domain name purchase services may also recruit the same agency for the VPS hosting needs in their office. Cloud Hosting enables a company to control several different components via one main server, and this is important when one is running a number of components, which may have to be installed and uninstalled. Although this service does come in with a price, it is extremely vital for an organization.

There are many agencies that offer Cloud Hosting services. These services include creation of servers instantly, purchase of on demand capacity by the hour, resizing the capacity, control via the web or API and configuration on any system like Windows, Linux, BSD, CentOS, Solaris, etc. Other services may include dedicated server like isolation, custom firewall configuration for protection and independent kernel.

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