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For an electrical device to function properly, it has to be able to transmit electricity and signals to the various parts and components of its electric circuit. For this to happened successfully, there must be a number of copper tracks on it PCB that act as paths for electric signals on the circuit boards, while wires are used where current or signals have to go in and out of the Circuit Board.  A wire Harnessing refers to the combining together of several wires using Wiring Harnesses so as to end up with one long cable able to supply electricity or electric signals to different parts of a circuit.

Most harnessing clients are industry that deal in the manufacture of electric equipment, wire harnessing companies are also able to come up with different Cable Assemblies, these involves creating a leads and connectors are the ends of a cable so as to make it ready for use. Most manufactures of electrical equipment have relied on harnessing companies for years to offer them quality low cost solutions when it comes to wires and cables.

Certain industries such as the automobile industries require proper custom Cable Assemblies that are to their desired length and specification. This means that the resulting harness is created according to their desired specification which usually includes a specific number of wires in the harness, specific types and number of leads that are to the manufacturer’s details. Such an assembly is so specific that it can hardly be used in any other application.

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