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It is no longer a secret that the industry of new york escorts has really been making a lot of progress when it comes to quality and variations of services these days. The industry has become more alive than how it used to be years before. With the loosened policies against the operations of escorting services providers, it has become a very good thing to observe that numbers of clients is on a steady rise. It is true that the escort new york services industry has really made life a little more enjoyable for a huge percentage of local and international clients. If you haven’t tried availing of the services of escorts new york ladies and agencies, this is the right time for you to do it.
Now one of the most basic things that you have to know is all about the types or categories of escorts that you could possibly see and hire out there these days. You might think that the groupings or classifications of escorts could be so simple but it could be so complicated now. The right choice of escort could also contribute to a more successful date or meeting with them. As we can see, hiring escorts is not merely about the need to get laid but for some more reasons.
Here are some categories that are used to classify escorts out there in the industry of New York these days:
Mode of operation: Under this category, escorts can be broadly classified as to agency managed or independent. Agency managed escorts operate with the assistance of agencies which arrange for their meetings with clients. Independent escorts operate on their own.
Level of Service Exclusiveness: Escorts can be classified into four types under this category. These include courtesans, high class escorts, regular escorts, and parlor or brothel escorts. Courtesans have the highest level of service exclusiveness. They are known to be very selective about the clients whom they will entertain. In many cases, their services are limited only to a narrow category of clients like politicians, diplomats, and celebrities. Next comes the high class escorts which are highly educated, good conversant, and have exceptional beauty. They are commonly agency based too and they can limit the number and types of clients they could meet. Regular and parlor/brothel escorts share the same purpose and this is to provide sexual services only. The difference lies in how clients access their services. Regular escorts come to the clients while clients come to the parlor or brothel escorts.
Body or Physical Features: This is the most common way of categorizing escorts when you are accessing agencies for middle level clients. Since clients have specific preferences in ladies, web pages often contain galleries in which escorts who share the same specified body features are grouped together. If you have accessed these websites then you would see types of groupings like busty escorts, blonde escorts, tall escorts, black escorts, and many others. This category often gets mixed with fetishes that clients may have.

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