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Since it was founded, the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Hawaii school has provided training to a lot  people. The school accepts students from all walks of life. They also do not discriminate students of all sizes and shapes. The school is renounced for the top class academic prowess ad the discipline instilled on the students. The lessons are flexible, and students can also seek private schedules for advanced learning. The following are the lessons available in the school:

Competition team

This is a lesson that trains students who want to enter various competitions. The lessons are highly intensive, and the training require a lot of concentration and prowess. The students undergo sparring and conditioning in all cessions. They also receive demonstrations and guidance on how to win various competition.

The guard and mixed levels

The guard lesson provides students with various skills on how to protect themselves. This class is available for all students, but mostly targets blue belt holder and above. The course schedule involves basic concepts and theories about fighting. The mixed lessons incorporate lessons for all students ranging from the intermediaries to the advanced training techniques.

Sparring and open mat

The sparring cessions in Jiu Jitsu Hawaii enable students to drill, spar and train together. This course is mostly aimed at conditioning the students bodies. The open mat cession is held in order to provide students with an avenue to relax and mingle with each other. The lesson features a question and answer period. Here, the students get replies for any questions that they may have about the training techniques.

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