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EMT careers are rewarding and highly exciting. People with a passion for helping patients in distress will find the job highly fulfilling. The EMT salary is also adequate to cater for the needs of professionals. Students have to undergo thorough training before getting the certification. This ensures that they have adequate skills and competence in handling various emergency situations. The following are various characteristics of the training procedures of EMT professionals:

Length of training

The length of the training course will depend on the level of certification. Beginners can have training which ranges from 1 to 6 months. This depends on the institution and prior experience of the student. Police officers and firefighters seeking EMT certification will take short courses that take less than a month.

Course content

The content of the training course also varies with the level of certification. The different tiers provide varying training and instructions to the students. The first tier involves non invasive procedures such as controlling bleeding and CPR. The second tier involves invasive procedures such as defibrillation and administration of intravenous drugs. The third tier involves intricate training on various aspects of emergency response. The course administers skills in fluid resuscitation and administration of a wide range of drugs.

Levels of certifications

There are three levels of certification for the EMT professionals. He first tier is the certified first responder. The second tier is the emergency medical technician. The third and final tier is the EMT paramedic. These tiers involve different EMT training lessons and content. The third tier also requires adequate experience in the industry.

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