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Various printers of online t shirt printing businesses have various rights that they exercise during the undertaking of the work processes.  One of these rights happens to be the right to refuse to do a personalised t shirt printing in case they consider it to be one that goes against their beliefs and tenets.  For instance there is no way one can end up printing a t shirt that seems to give a message that aids and abets various crimes.  For all he cares it could be a gang related message being passed on to others by wearing the tee on various occasions.  It could very well be a call to arms for others in order to perpetrate crime in their given areas.  This is why many printers issue their terms and conditions to be read way before they get engaged in business with different clients.

The other reasons that one might be turned away or not be given his order is when the particular type of t shirt printing cheap material is not in stock with the printer and cannot be sourced in time to deliver the particular order.  The owner of the printing firm can therefore choose to return the work or seek to consult with the work order owner in order to come up with a suitable alternative.  No one is ready to give shoddy work.  The only way to please a client is to take on work that one is sure that he can return with the variant time constraints applicable still manageable.

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