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The Pass Plus is a driver training scheme introduced by the Driving Standards Agency of the Department of Transport in the United Kingdom, and it is taught in every good Driving School Shrewsbury has. It is one of the most popular Intensive Driving Courses Shrewsbury driving schools teach, and it is meant for the benefit of young drivers who have only recently qualified for their driver’s licenses. With these Driving Lessons Shrewsbury driving instructors aim to improve the quality of driving among the younger set behind the wheel, and to provide them with a boost of confidence as they learn more about the hazards of the road.

Several notable benefits can be gained from this course. Students can gain more driving experience while in safe and controlled settings and at the end they may be able to adopt a calm driving style that is both safe and pleasant. They may also gain a monetary reward, as many insurance companies demand lower premiums for those who have completed the program.

The course aims to teach student to drive safely under various conditions. One factor is about driving location: students learn how to drive in towns with narrow streets, in rural roads outside urban areas, in dual carriageways where the road divider may instil additional concerns, and in motorways where the speed may be an intimidating factor.

Students also learn how to cope with more complicated driving conditions. These include driving at night, and driving through all kinds of adverse driving weather. 

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