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Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are one of the most sought after knives out of the entire collection of Swiss knives. The story began in 1891, when the Swiss Army was provided with knives for the first time. It was in 1897 that the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knives were patented. The Victorinox emblem (cross and the shield) was developed in 1909, with the idea of distinguishing these knives from all others, and the name Victoria came into existence after the founder’s (Karl Elsener) mother, who passed away in the same year.

‘Inox’, or stainless steel came into existence in the year 1921, and combining ‘Victoria’ and ‘Inox’, the knives started being known as ‘Victorinox’. Since then, the company and the brand have only expanded for the better. At present, there are also other collectible items being manufactured under the same brand, such as timepieces, professional and household knives, travel and fashion gear, pocket tools etc.

Swiss Army Knives are not just unique in how they have multiple functions in one tool, but are also quite classy and stylish, and thus make for a great gifting option. Wenger Swiss Army Knives, especially have a wide variety of options, based on the number of layers and functions in each knife, and are also available in quite a few colors.

If you feel like gifting these knives to someone, you can also get them personalized by getting laser engravings done on them. The details for these engravings need to be provided at the time of making your purchase online, where you can also choose a font and font size on your own.

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