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The church is an important player in education. This is so because it has a lot of goodwill as well as a good platform on which to educate people on various issues that affect society. 

The church educates people both formally as well as informally. People can go to churches and be taught how they can live morally upright lives. They can be taught how they can give back. They can be taught how they can be the change they want to see in others. They can be taught how to deal with relationships and other hard situations that may arise. 

burbank churches can also teach people formally. This can be directly through construction of schools and other education facilities which they can fund directly, or through supporting some education institutions. There are many churches california which also support such initiatives abroad. 

The church also helps to teach people about how to do things like live healthy lifestyles. They show people the various ways that they can make sure that they live well, both physically and spiritually. Many churches and denominations or religions have these teachings, and it is not just the los angeles church of christ

The church has also been used, especially in developing countries and in the olden times, to teach people about their rights. This is in societies which are or were fighting for things like democracy. The mere fact that churches teach people about the bible week in week out is in itself education. Therefore, church and education cannot be separated. 

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