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The FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) has reported serious and life-threatening internal bleeding among patients taking Pradaxa, a prescription blood thinner. This medication is prescribed in order to reduce risk of blood clots and stroke, especially in people with atrial fibrillation (common heart rhythm irregularity). The most recognized complication of this anti-coagulant drug is serious bleeding. The only bad thing about this anti-clotting pill is, patient can’t fall or get a cut while consuming it. There is almost no way to stop it once the bleeding starts. There is no reversal agent and antidote to get rid of this situation.

The manufacturers of this prescription blood thinner are promoting their latest drug as an ideal and improved alternative to Warfarin. At the same time, there have been many instances wherein consumption of this drug is associated with hundreds of fatal bleeding events. This is where exactly the significance of Pradaxa lawsuits is highly emphasized. The victims and their families can vouch on the dedicated legal services to get justice. With the efficient aid of invaluable legal counsel and insightful information, it becomes easier to get claim the monetary compensation that you truly deserve. All that needed is locating a reputed law firms that is totally committed to handle such complicated medical cases. A highly skilled legal entity can make it possible to represent a strong and compelling case and enhance the chances of getting desired compensation for your sufferings. They work as a skillful advocates and fierce defenders for their clients.

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