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People who have to perform all types of cutting, screwing and unscrewing, use pliers, work in horticulture, play golf, etc. know how many tools are needed to fit the variety of operation they have to implement. They tend to stock their tool sets which can be rather bulky and heavy to carry around. Increasingly more people look for versatile tools neatly grouped in one body with possibilities for opening to the side in order to use the body as a handle and take out the tool or blade that is needed in each specific operation. Such tool sets offered as one stop solutions with essential tools grouped within one body comprise Wenger Swiss Army knives.

When people think of Swiss Army knives, they first point out the comfortability of their size, and afterwards they emphasize the fact that there are a host of designs which are offered for specific fields of use so that for example people who are DIY enthusiasts, avid golfers, horticulture specialists, etc., do not need to buy models that contain extra tools they do not really need. Specialized designs are the culprits for the enormous popularity of Wenger and Victorinox Swiss Army knives. For example, people engaged in horticulture can find their essential tools which are indispensable in the daily activities on plant cultivation. People working in the area of handicrafts are also offered appropriate sets in one knife designs. For everyday personal uses, the limited sets of just the necessary tools feature attractive slim designs.

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