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Every intelligent list of Miami’s top tourist attractions always includes the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. A visit is always a visual feast, with large extracts of gardens in the style of the Italian Renaissance, a landscape that contains wood native to the region, and a village compound filled with a long history. The architecture and the landscape were designed in the style of architecture known as Mediterranean Revival, mixed with interesting bits of Baroque aspects. The heavy influence of Tuscan and Veneto Italian Renaissance can easily be discerned. The place is truly elegant, just like a high-end Miami escorts.

Outside on the grounds, there are picturesque strolling paths, great views of the sea, and an intriguing contrast of swampland and perfectly manicured gardens. The walk may leave you feel thirsty, but not for long. The café can provide you with a personalized wine tasting experience that can truly prove memorable—you can choose the wines yourself, and you decide how many wines to taste. With the right kind of background, some escorts can offer an insightful wine-tasting escort service Miami patrons can truly appreciate.

Inside, the architecture is a marvel and the pieces in the art collections are extraordinary. What’s amazing is that this museum is comparatively new, and built by so-called new money. The management even offers nighttime tours, which can be perfect for you and your escort companion.

It’s not old but it is elegant; it’s gorgeous, extraordinary and beautiful. All these adjectives are used for the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, but they also apply to the great escorts Miami can offer.

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