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A certified practitioner of soul realignment offers akashic record reading and clearing sessions. People who are interested in soul realignment book sessions with practitioners to have better understanding of soul realignment, how it operates and how it can assist one on the journey in life. Soul realignment is an instinctively based spiritual healing modality that permits people to retrieve and read the akashic records to collect data concerning an individual`s spirit profile, and the energetic blocks and limitations that are available for an individual at soul level. The information collected and reported in the spirit outline part of the conference is sensible and applicable to the customer in this lifetime. In addition, as whole soul relocation session, any limitations and energetic blocks discovered at spirit-level are cleared or balanced during the session. The soul realignment session is started by tracing and retrieving the soul record in the akashic records with the assistance of the akasha guides. Once the report is traced, collecting of information regarding the customer`s soul profile immediately begins. This data is unique to each person and may involves things like information concerning an individual`s archangelic empires of exercise, spirit group of origination, data about their soul guide team, their history lives which contains important impact on the spirit and time of history during which those lives occurred, and other data that may rise up through in the process. After finding out the spirit profile, next element is focusing on classifying and clearing particular energetic blocks which they inherited from earlier lifetimes and which affect the customer`s life in this embodiment. By assisting the customer identify, understand and clear these energetic limitations they are capable of clearing down these indiscernible blocks which negatively affect the customer`s life. Akashic records readings were some of these essential consultants for the leaders. Sanskrit term Akasha meaning ether is the elemental substance from which all elements such as water, earth, air and water originates from and eventually returns. Akashic records are active reports consisting all thoughts, feelings, events and beliefs that always happen. These records also have all possibilities that can take place. Since akashic records are active reports, the words and customs of the person who reads is not the issue Soul realignment work may contain a positive effect on people life in several various methods. Firstly, the spirit profile element of reading may assist in gaining better perceptive of who someone is at the soul stage as well as what special and unique gifts one brings into the earth as a spirit. The data concerning previous lives and kinds of religious guidance modality of the soul is already recognizable with from previous lives may also provide insight into modern life circumstances. Secondly, by recognizing and clearing down the energetic blocks and limitations that are available in the soul profile may help in gaining a better perception and familiarize more liberty in life. Every soul alignment is extremely unique and therefore various persons experience dissimilar advantages from the soul sessions. For some persons the session stands out extra light on their unique gifts while others assist to clear limitations and energy blocks.

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