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With the advent of Android and iPhone technology, several social networking app have come up. Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Orkut and Twitter have already contributed greatly in bringing friends closer. People of all age groups wish to remain connected with their long lost friends living in different parts of the world via online medium. It is difficult to carry laptops and palmtops everywhere but carrying mobiles is a cakewalk. The social app on your smartphone can help you remain connected with people round the day. This is one of the most wonderful advancements of technology which have brought people closer and help them get connected with like-minded people and develop long lasting friendship. 

You can get connected with people living in different parts of the world at any time of the day with these apps. Create events, plan outdoor activities and invite friends through the specialized apps. So all you have to do to use these apps is create your profile by using the app. It can be followed by uploading pictures, sending messages and conversing with the people of your choice. Interestingly, many apps also offer privacy features to the users which allow them to keep their account secure. The social apps make sure that the user does not face any problems while utilizing it on their smart phones. You can easily find a variety of apps perfectly suited for your requirements. There are several websites, and of course Google’s own that provides such apps and more. 

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