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Always begin with this assumption. The page ranks of any search engine always changes, and it is a good thing, if you are not in the top ten results. If you are already in the top ten for a set of keywords, however, the job does not become any easier – the competition for the top ten slots are brutally stiff. But when you assume that the ranking can change as easily as a trend in social media networks appear, you always have a chance at the top slots. And that is all you have.

All Strategies Are Fair Game

Several SEO strategies are available, from backlinks to credible and reliable sources on the Internet, nofollow attributes from blogs or creating more content through an SEOeditorial article submission service. Some strategies are frowned upon by search engines, and using them can result in a temporary increase in ranking at best, which may be all that you need in the first place.

The result is more chaos in the ranking – any and all of the effective strategies can be used by your competitors, and maybe even with better results. It is a constant game of one-upmanship, and to get the most out of an SEO campaign, you have to not only time it with your business, but plan it well ahead of time. The strategy has too many variables to consider for future planning to simply stake it all on SEOeditorial article submission services, and yet it has to be done.

Information as It Happens

Because of the many variables in the plan, one has to have the right information on hand as soon as possible. Basic SEO packages will have a weekly SEO report for their clients, but sometimes, this is not enough. If you have the time to learn and understand SEO reports, you can use your Google AdSense account to generate it for you, and as often as you need it. Then you can adjust quickly to the changing demands of your Internet market, and catch up with your competitors when you are falling behind, or put on the heat if you manage to get the lead.

The faster you can adapt your strategy, the better the effect of your SEO campaign will be. For example, during the low season of your business, you may resort to more stable tactics such as an SEOeditorial manual article submission service just to stay in the running, but when it is peak season, concentrating on social media networks will provide that extra boost in your page rank.

The Game of SEO

The bottom line is that SEO ranks change. Look at it like the horse and the carrot – something that is always just out of reach. If you operate under this assumption, any SEO tactic worth its salt, such as an article submission service always has value. Otherwise, if you look at SEO ranks as a prize to be won, you will most certainly get in the top ten – maybe even the top search result – but not for long. You have to keep running your strategies, tactics and campaigns to stay in the game.

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