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Scart Cable has become extremely popular in the past few years due to its amazing capability to connect the television to various audio visual devices. These cables have achieved great recognition throughout Europe and United States as they serve as the commonest connection device between TV displays to DVD players, Set Top boxes, free view boxes and VCR as well. Plasma and flat screen LCD and LED are now commonplace in every home. Thus, to enjoy the wonderful experience of enjoying these televisions, a scart cable is required to connect them. These cables play an extremely important role in proper transmission so that the user could enjoy amazing picture as well as sound quality. While the old age televisions were based on Cathode ray tube technology, the modern LCD televisions break the images into red, green and blue colored signals which offer the best picture quality.

Just like the scart cable, HDMI Connector is used to connect the HDTV set. HDMI is an acronym for high definition multi-media interface and the connector looks alike to a USB cable. The compact size as well as high integration makes HDTV installation a great experience. The HDMI connector consists of 19 individual pins. There are 3 pairs of TMDS signals as well which are helpful in carrying the digital audio and video signals. Therefore, in case you are interested you can easily find a wonderful portal which shall offer you these products at an affordable price.

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