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Working in a construction site involves many dangers that may result to serious injuries or even death. All types of accident, big or small, must be best avoided. The presence of metals and pointed objects are just some of the most common causes of injuries. The construction of a tall, multi-storey building is a really a difficult and precarious job. Steel rebar is omnipresent in construction areas and using them requires extreme care.

Before anything else, any protruding material is not safe. When working around with many bulging steels bars, one must be alert and attentive. Another thing that must be avoided is working over a perpendicularly sticking out rebar steel. Rebar caps, plate caps, mushroom caps and other tools that cover sharp edges must be used to avoid impalement. Handwear are helpful in protecting the hands against getting pierced with jutting wire steels in steel bars, gabion, and reinforcement mesh. Insulation is also important when handling these steel materials when electricity is involved to prevent electrical shock.

When filling the gabions with rock by hand, one must be watchful of the risk that the fingers may get crushed. Also, the gabion must not be placed in environments with high wave energy as well as in areas where there is much debris. It should also never be placed in surfing zones and open beaches because extended wires can injure swimmers.

When installing steel reinforcements, it is crucial to consider first the safety of the workers and the safety of other people involve.

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