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fork lift truck are the most dangerous in the place of work. There are various accidents that have been reported following the introduction of the trucks to the organizations. However, it has been realized that this occurs due to improper training of the operators. This, therefore, means for an operator to qualify to drive the lift truck should be thoroughly trained in driving the lifts. They should have the knowledge on how to handle them in different situations.

To start with, it should be well known that the fork lift truck become instable as the weight keeps on increasing. This is because as the height increases and the base reducing, the center of gravity reduces instantly. A reduced center of gravity leaves the lift unstable hence can topple off easily. When having a lifted luggage, they should be driven slowly and also when negotiating sharp corners. Through the numerous accidents reported, it has become necessary to establish some rules to guide the usage of the truck lifts. Health and Safety Commission has come up with ACOP and guide that will be used to reduce the accidents at the work place.

The ACOP guide has a set of minimum qualifications for the Heavy lift forklifts operators. There are some organizations that have been accrued by the ACOP for offering better training. They have highly skilled instructors. For one to qualify to be an operator, they should be proven of being of sound mind. They should also be physically fit. There should be constant screening to ensure that the operators are ok. For those who have attained an age of 40, they should be screened after 5 years. After falling ill, there should also screen to ensure that the disease had not interfered with the fitness of the operator. 

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