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http://www.submitedge.com/avatar/1332706661_avatar1.jpg    If Exchange server crashes or mailbox is deleted from the server, a repair process is required. The ost files, which become unusable or inaccessible, have to be repaired so that they become accessible again. There are steps that have to be followed to repair the ost files and recover OST to PST.

The first thing will be opening the OST recovery tool. Go to Programs menu and click on Ost recovery tools. Go through the ost file that is supposed to be repaired and converted. Check the ost file contents. Select the folders where the contents will be saved in. On your Windows pane, hit on Save and all the files will be saved by the software.

The whole idea of converting ost files to PST was to enable you to read your mails in the inaccessible ost back to PST format. After you use the recovery software, the conversion will have recovered the ost files to PST, making the files easy to read in Microsoft Outlook. The file that has been converted to PST file has to be saved in the default location. Using your client machine, you will be able to view all your mailbox contents.

If you do not have any technical skills and are wondering how to convert ost files, you can look for assistance. There are experts who can be of substantial help to you in recovering your data back. These experts offer their services at cut-rated prices. You should not be worried about the price. What you should do is find yourself reliable and trustworthy service provider to help you out.

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