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Do you know what Plasma Cleaning is? Well, it is a process of cleaning; impurities and contaminants are removed from the surface with the aid of energetic plasma. This plasma surface is created with the aid of gases like argon and oxygen. On the other hand, gaseous mixtures like air and hydrogen/nitrogen are also used in the Plasma Technology for complete cleaning of the surface. The plasma is formed by means of high frequency voltages which are used to ionize the low pressure gas. Plasma Cleaning must be used for cleaning any surface. Plasma cleaning finds its uses in various fields, such as medical technology, rubber processors, electronics industry, semiconductor manufacturers, automotive technology and more. The Plasma technology is used for the cleaning and sterilization of implants. The technology also finds usage in electronics industry where it is used to clean and degrease metal surfaces prior to soldering or circuit printing.

Likewise, Plasma Etching signifies the surface treatment in which larger quantities of materials are impacted and removed. The etching is used for deep structuring of surface. In case, you are not aware about how plasma etching works, then you would be glad to know that in this technology, the reactive ions which are created within plasma react with the surface atoms. The volatile side products are then removed from the chamber with the help of plasma gas. It is also possible to further modify the procedure by simply adding in activated neutral molecules.

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