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The internet may well be littered with a thousand of one gold resources and sidearms for those looking for a little news or the average gold rate today, but when it comes to consistently valuable advice and insights there is something of a gap to say the very least. Generally speaking, the reason for this is the way in which the majority of such sites and resources are set up by well-meaning amateurs or profit-driven businesses – neither of which really has a massive amount to offer the average gold trader. True, professional advice and guidance has always been on the cards for those willing to pay for it, but again this is a less than ideal and perhaps entirely unrealistic option for all but those at the highest levels of trading.

Thankfully however this is one gap in the market that has been well and truly plugged as of late, with the launch of and incredible and fully independent gold resource for real traders. The site has been devised so as to bring together the most cutting-edge gold news from all over the world from some of the leading names in the industry today, all of which is free from any corporate bias or indeed amateurish uncertainty. In fact, more often than not this is the kind of advice that can be taken pretty much at face value and transformed into some incredible investments, which has the potential to assist all traders at all levels reach for greater things than ever before.

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