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Different genders perceive social media in completely varied ways. The popularity of social media has led to marketers use social networking sites as a medium for promoting products or services. Marketers and researchers are constantly researching and studying the different ways male and female like to use the social networking sites. There are many companies in the market that help companies with accurate social media data monitoring. netbase is one of the most sought after analytical tool by many businesses. It studies conversation on different sites on the basis of key ideas, sentiments and emotions. The tool collects based on likes and dislikes of the individuals and sentiments represented by them online on these sites.

The extensive study performed by net base helps gain analytical details and statistics which are really beneficial for organizations. There were many analytical tools which are unable to record the information in different languages available on the social media. But, net base has introduced a platform which helps in collecting, translating and analyzing the data available in non-English format. This tool browses though different pages and analyses each and every conversation and postings on all the pages to comprehend the feelings and perceptions of consumers. The data available on this site is mainly complied to study the past, present and future trends of consumer behavior and come up with new and innovative marketing strategies. This unique tool helps understand consumer emotions and feelings in a proper and apt manner. So, opt for this intelligent business solution now to procure maximum benefits.

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