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Negative Dean Graziosi review have been cropping up all over the Internet. These reviews are supposed to have been written by people who have tried the programmed and failed after following everything to the letter. Unfortunately, most of the negative reviews come from people who smear his good name in order to, further down the “review,” add a link inviting the reader to click on it in order to “get rich quick” The reader can be trapped into paying for something they will never be able to implement or see. Now that is a real scam. These kinds of reviews obviously do not belong to a person who read the book and tried the formulas within it.

People have succeeded through implementing the formulas drawn out in “Be A Real Estate Millionaire”; this should be enough proof that it is not a scam. Positive reviews about the book are a testament to the fact that the program can work for those who are willing to give each step an honest-to-goodness try. The claims that this is a Dean Graziosi scam are completely untrue. Doubters should just ask the retiree who purchased his first property after reading the book. He and his wife made more money than he made in a whole year, whilst he worked a regular job. It was his first time to venture into the real estate business. This proves that the book actually can be used as a guidebook to successful investment in the real estate market. 

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