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When you are thinking about going with Name Badges, there are several types to choose from. The most basic types of Name Tags are plastic, paper, and metal. For the paper name badges, you can try and do this yourself with your home or office printer. The metal or plastic types however will have to be ordered.

While you may have to pay more for Magnetic Name tags, they are worth the money because they are hard to replicate and last longer. But keep in mind that you will have to ensure that everything is correct before placing your order; such as the font, spelling, and layout. If this is not done then when there is a mistake you will have to cover the reprinting.

These magnetic name badges can also be used to open doors inside the office, thus keeping track of every badge that enters or leaves.

If you are going to concentrate on the paper name tags, there are two ways for you to go. One is a kit and the other is you designing from scratch. The kit makes it simple, and all you will have to do is scan it through templates in a word processor and then pick a design that you like.

These name badges can be used for different reasons. They can add the appearance of more security or they can improve your customer service for your guests. So when deciding on which type of name badge you want, see to it that it meets your needs and budget.

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