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Windows 8 will be a radical improvement in what Microsoft is giving us today. For example, to repair Windows 8 or get any Windows 8 drivers, all you will need to do it log on to the Microsoft site, and it will be taken care of for you. This article looks at the major improvements in Windows 8 we can expect.

Windows has been doing everything to remove any memory of the disaster that Vista created. It was probably the worst operating system that was ever released. Windows 7 recovered very well, and many users were extremely happy with it. Windows 8 will include many other huge improvements, for example, when you want to repair Windows 8, you will only need to be connected to the internet, log on to the Microsoft site, and it will be taken care of for you. Here is a look at that and many other improvements that will surely improve our personal computing lives.

  • No disk.Windows 8 will be available online. There won’t be the hassle of getting a disk and installing onto your machine. The Windows site will allow everyone to download the upgrade, which will look for the right drivers and configuration on your machine.
  • Security.As online activities increase, user security is becoming a bigger and extremely important issue. Windows 8 will have technology similar to Google’s Sandbox, which means that when you are surfing the internet, your browser and system will isolate the pages and each activity you execute while you are surfing. This will make it harder for malware and other nasties to penetrate your computer. Other security measures such as disk encryption will also be included.
  • Log in. A camera will be a very important feature of your new Windows 8 based machine. It is expected that facial recognition will be used to ensure it is you who is using your computer. This will mean stronger protection than just having a password.
  • Touch Screen.Windows 8 will be set up much like the way you see with Apple’s iPadiOS. Meaning, the concept of a desktop and a range of fiddly steps to get something done will be removed. This will work with a touch screen device or with your keyboard and mouse. If you like the old way that you used Windows, switching to that option will be available too.
  • Fast Switching. It is rare that we will use only one application at one time. Windows knows this, and the ability to switch between multiple applications will be easy. This has been demonstrated to be fluid and practical.
  • Internet Apps. We already use a huge number of internet or web-based applications already. Facebook is the best example of that. The Windows 8 operating system actually incorporates the code/programming language of web-based applications into the operating system. This means those applications will work very smoothly on your computer and not just as something inside your web browser. This will mean an increase in web applications that become available, and is a real movement towards full-blown cloud computing. Office 365 is coming to accompany this trend, the replacement of Microsoft Office, as a full-blown web-based application. There will also be an App Store, much like Apple, which will make things a lot easy.
  • More devices.Windows 8 will work on devices from smartphones, tablets, laptops to desktops. This will mean we can use the same operating system on all of our devices. Something that will be a first and very convenient.

Do not be concerned these changes will be hard to adjust to. The transition will be very smooth and will be as easy as connecting to the internet.



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