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Certain parts of the world are more liberal when it comes to gambling, such as Europe, but in more conservative countries, such is not the case. When searching for pokies online, you should also consider the country of origin of the online casino. Not that gambling with them is bad per se, but that you may be supporting organizations with your money which your country does not agree with, or worse. Gambling produces a high source of revenue, which can easily fall into the wrong hands.

International Laws to Follow

The Internet has made it so easy to cross country boundaries that it is sometimes difficult to determine which pokie machines are legal in your country. According to international law, an Internet transaction must follow the laws of the country where the transaction originates, where the transaction ends, and where the server of the transaction is located. A telltale sign that the online casino cannot legally operate in your country is the server’s location – if the online casino hides the location, you are probably safer elsewhere.

A sure sign that the online casino cannot legally operate in your country is if the laws of your country do not allow, or at the most follow the strictest regulations when it comes to gambling. In a sense, your country will lose the money you play with in an illegal casino, and while one player will not affect a country’s gross national product, millions of players will definitely dent the national income.

The Changing Environment for the Internet and Online Gambling

And because the Internet is such a volatile environment, any law regarding Internet restrictions are frowned upon by the Internet community. The infamous SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act of the United States failed, partly as a result of a global Internet protest condemning the proposed legislation. However, soon afterwards came the ACTA, a European version of the same legislation.

Putting aside the Wild West attitude on the Internet, the political environment of the country in question is also a huge factor. A piece of legislation that is not passed today does not guarantee that it will not be approved tomorrow. Or in other possibilities, a legal loophole may be found that circumvents the law and allows or prevents online casinos from operating in your country. A lot of variables change constantly, making it difficult to find solid ground with regards to the Internet and gambling.

The Safest Route

Dura lex, sed lex – the law is hard, but it is the law. The safest route is simply to go with play money – legitimate online casinos usually offer play money in free pokies with their online casinos to encourage more players in their website. However, if this does not appeal to you, you may look up your chosen website and confirm its legality with your national gaming commission. That effort should be more than enough for you – after all, it is the government’s responsibility to police such matters, and not a private citizen such as yourself. And that is just because you prefer playing online than in real casinos.




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