Home » Finance » Is the Cynicism About Anthony Morrison Early Life That Leads to His Success Story Justified?

Sometimes the decisions people make as young children shape their success in future even without their knowledge.  This is the story of Anthony Morrison, a household name in the Internet marketing arena. At face value, it is hard to tell that this 25 year old enthusiastic entrepreneur began dreaming about achieving great things in life at a tender age of 7. The story is told of a 7 year old who worked at a candy bar to realize his dream of buying a Jacuzzi. It is the same motivation and hard work that Anthony applied to become a millionaire later in life.

As a teenager, Morrison desire to own a motorcycle made him work part time jobs and grabbing opportunities as they came his way to realize his goal. No matter how unrealistic the young man’s goals were to others he still strived to achieve them and proved everyone else wrong. It is such events in his early life that shaped Anthony Morrison to become what he is today. His very first company dealt with parts and was called Cool Blue Performance.

To this date, Anthony Morrison keeps on dreaming and realizing his dreams. With eleven businesses, a charity and books to his name, Morrison continues educating young entrepreneurs on how to beat the odds and become successful. If you take a look at his business portfolio, you would be amazed at the number of conferences and tours he has attended to share his skills with potential entrepreneurs.

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