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It used to be that the death of a spouse was the most common way for a marriage to end, and usually the legal assistance came in the form of probate lawyers who assisted the surviving spouse and the children in retaining their rightful inheritance. These days, probably the most common way for a marriage to end in Oklahoma is through divorce. Though family law attorneys in Oklahoma can deal in all legal aspects of family life, such as helping out a couple in an adoption case, a significant percentage of family law cases in Oklahoma involve the dissolution of a marriage.

How likely will you marriage end in divorce?

In Oklahoma, unfortunately it is very likely indeed. The state has always ranked among the top in the prevalence of divorce. In fact, many recent surveys show that Oklahoma has the highest divorce rates, with almost a third of the adult population having gone through a divorce compared to the national average of a little over 20%.

One of the main reasons for this high divorce rate is economics. The average income of Oklahoma residents is lower than those in other states, and financial difficulties is one of the main driving wedges of divorce. The current economic climate isn’t helping either. Many experts have correlated high divorce rates with high incidence of poverty.

Ironically, the fact that the state is culturally conservative and is deep in the heart of the Bible Belt is also why divorce is so prevalent. The conservative culture means that a larger percentage of the couples would more likely enter into marriage rather than decide to live together without a marriage license, and that these couples marry at a younger age than the national average. In addition, the area is mostly populated by Christian Protestants, and there are relatively few Roman Catholics among the residents. Catholics are not allowed to divorce by their religious law.

Resolving the conjugal property issues

As financial hardship is among the most common reasons for divorce in Oklahoma, it becomes specially vital that you be represented by one of the best and most experienced divorce lawyers in Tulsa if you are about to go through divorce proceedings in Oklahoma. At the very least, you can make sure that you receive an equitable share of the conjugal property. Your lawyer can convince the judge of how you contributed to the value of the joint property, whether you went to work daily or if you stayed home to watch over the kids and took care of your home. If it is applicable in your case, your lawyer can also point out if your need is greater than your spouse’s, which may convince the judge to grant you a larger portion of the assets.

Resolving the issues regarding the children

Tulsa divorce attorneys can also assist you in getting custody of the children by demonstrating that it is in their best interests, if that is truly the case. The lawyer may also negotiate a child support scheme from your spouse to tide you over, if the judged can be convinced that such payments are equitable and fair.

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