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We are probably used to candles as a lighting solution only during black out and in places where there is total lack of electricity. They are so far one of the cheapest form of lighting all over the world. This is because of their simple make up of just wax and a single thread. Candle is, however, not just for lighting alone. In dark places and in absence of electricity, but are also used as decor. Many home owners are using a candle to create a sense of beauty for interiors by playing around with the various types of candles.

Votive candles are one of the types that are used as decoration. They have been used in so many settings, and are sometimes referred to as prayer candles because of their use in various places of prayer. They are known to last for long because of the huge cylindrical shaped wax that takes longer to melt away. Interior designers find these very good for creating a sense of calmness in any room and producing a unique form of low lighting if strategically placed in a room.

These types of candles are known to burn for hours and can even be made to last for even longer through placing them in votive candle holders. They are able to burn for a significantly longer time since the wax that melts of them is trapped by the Holder. Candles can give your home a heavenly feel that no other form of lighting can achieve.

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