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In order to successfully treat discolored toenails, one should know that it  involves much more than getting rid of the yellow, green or even black spots and stripes on the nails; but also reaching the cause of the problem so as to avoid future infection.

Nail fungus treatment prescription drugs are available but their success rates are questionable. There are side effects such as nausea, headaches, and skin rashes, that some prescription medications for treating fungus and discolored nails cause. This may include serious health problems, including liver and kidney damage. This leaves many with no choice but to turn to natural, home remedies in hopes of treating their infections.

Some people choose to treat their discolored toe nail with ordinary ingredients found throughout the home such as mouthwash, white distilled or apple cider vinegar, beer, and tea tree oil. These have been found to be effective and affordable for some people,  leading them to prefer these options for future treatments.

Thickened or discolored nails should be soaked twice per day with the nails being kept clean, dry, and trimmed at all times. Soaking the infected toes in warm water and then filing away the affected layers of the nail should also be done on a regular basis so as to have an effective toenail infection treatment.

Also, always wear shoes in public places and especially where bacteria may be lurking such as in shared facilities like showers and locker rooms in gyms. Keep the feet dry and in socks that will help to absorb moisture-cotton fabric being a favorite.

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