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When thinking of green chiles, the word hatch green chile is the very first thing that comes to mind. Apart from there amazing tang, these chile varieties normally hold a lot to its name. It can be pre-ordered as early as now for fast and easy delivery come picking season in August. They are delivered fresh from the farm directly to your home on the same day. Now, you can finally free yourself from the unhealthy way of using green chile off any can laced with harmful preservatives. You can simply place your advance order online and have it delivered to your home on the same day it was picked in your preferred August date.

These hatch chile varieties can be roasted to perfection and enjoyed hot off the grill or oven. If you want, you can chop, slice or put them in a blender with other herbs and spices to make amazingly great toppings for nachos, enchiladas, pizza, burgers, and other dishes that require sauces or toppings. Salsas can also be made more joyful and tangy when hatch chiles are added to the equation. So are pasta dishes, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, casserole and other everyday dishes that families normally enjoy, these hatch chiles are great ways to add more zing to the usual bland taste. You can make salsa and other sauces by batch and put them in jars carefully preserved in your freezer. You can stow the left hatch green chile on your freezer and have them ready for any cooking feast that might come.

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