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Some reviews of these Ion Bracelets show that they can help a person suffering from Arthritis heal faster. Patients with the Arthritis disease are often faced with severe pain and discomfort but in some cases, they are prescribed with the application of substances, which produce negative ions as a remedy to ease the pain and an option to heal the disease though in a minute effect. According to researches, Negative Ions are available in the environment naturally and are responsible in bringing the fresh air, good smell, relaxation and happy moods in people.

Areas with many plants, flowing water, and waterfalls naturally release negative ions, and that is why the areas are always good places to relax. Energy Armor is used in the body to increase blood flow, supply or oxygen and nutrients around the whole body making it healthier. In that situation, when a person takes medication, it is likely to take effect faster with the application of negative ions as a supplement to the body.

With increased blood flow, all necessary nutrients and supplements are supplied to all parts of the body to enhance faster healing. They reduce pain and help in healing wounds and fractures in the body. However, medical practitioners are refuting these claims and want to do away with the notion that the bands can actually work by healing or killing pain in an ailing person. This technology has, however, been received well by a majority of its users, and it is growing every day. 

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