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While fortunetelling is done with the use of some divination tools such as tarot cards, a hellseher does not use any tools when it goes into the spiritual world. Although it is said that everybody has a natural clairvoyant ability, intensive training is needed to develop this ability.

When a hellseher is asked for advice, she works best when the environment is calm. Hellsehen per sms works best in this situation. The person seeking advice sends an SMS to a hellseher and the hellseher in return sends her analysis and advice via SMS. The advice in turn could be used to make the proper conclusions and take the appropriate actions. Seeking advice through SMS is very convenient for those always on the go who do not have time to personally see a clairvoyant or go Online to seek advice.

Wahrsagen per sms works the same way.  Should you have questions about your love life, your career or about your life in general, send your request via SMS and a clairvoyant will have immediate answers for all your questions. Answers to your requests will be sent directly via SMS to your mobile phone.

Should you, on the other hand want to get advice regarding your love relationships, like for example if you and your partner are compatible, you can get a lovetest. Based on your answers, the compatibility between you and your partner will be calculated. The lovetest will also give your astrological compatibility data based on the zodiac signs you provide.

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