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At a first glance, various water jobs seem to be safer compared to other professions. Indeed, if you are to compare, water-related jobs embrace lesser amount of risks both on the field and inside the facilities. However, these jobs are not 100% safe all the time and health risks are always apparent. Additionally, the existence of abrupt and miscalculated accidents is also evident from time to time. With the purpose of knowing the risks involved in various water-related professions, the following are some of the instances that you should carefully avoid.


Misapplication of Certain Tools

Mechanics, water service workers, and utility workers normally face this risk especially when they are on the field. The common reasons for tool misapplications include the abuse of certain equipment and machineries, improper placement of jackhammers in roads, inaccurate measurement of pipes in the mains or sewers, and of course, fatigue of workers when exposed to long hours of work which results to errors and tool misuse. In order to lessen this risk, both the workers and equipment should be supervised on a regular basis. On the one hand, employers should make certain that their employees have the proper knowledge and skills to operate certain water instruments and tools before giving them the go signal to participate in water services such as installation, repair, and maintenance.


Incorrect Calculation

This risk is apparent to water service engineers, plant operators, and the like. These water jobs require them to have accurate calculations in every aspect such as water pressure, volume, speed, and force. Once a miscalculated detail was overlooked, pipe and other water necessities will surely experience breakdown, fast deterioration, and worse, destruction. There are instances that pipes can explode if they cannot handle the extreme water pressure, resulting to major incidents. That is why it is integral for these workers to prudently verify their calculations first before materializing the project.


Contaminated Water

Another health risk in water jobs include the exposure of workers to contaminated water especially if they are assigned in wastewater quality, monitoring, and treatment. There are instances that workers accidently consume these waters or being utilized to wash their wounds when they are on the field. As a result, diseases and infections are some of the subsequent consequences for these workers. In order to minimize this risk, make certain that the water you are dealing with is completely tested by your company’s laboratory first before deciding to drink or apply it on your body.



Lastly, water-related professions are always dealing with unforeseen accidents such as abrupt floods, slip accidents resulting to major injuries, and pipe bursting leading to injuries or even death. In order to diminish these health risks due to accidents, it is vital to obey your company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and observe proper methods at all times. You should always remember that this is not only for your safety, but also for your co-workers and the company. Besides, safety above others is one of the core maxims when it comes to these kinds of professions.






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