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Vietnam is starting to become a great tourist spot in South East Asia. They have great sightseeing activities and beautiful cuisine. If you are in Vietnam for sightseeing then you should really try the Halong Bay Luxury Cruises. Halong Bay is in the top 10 for places in Vietnam that tourists should see and with its crystal clear waters, it is no wonder. Halong Bay was recognized as a world cultural heritage site in 1997 by UNESCO and since then hundreds of Tourist Company have sprang up on or near the Bay. This will give you a wide choice of selection when choosing with cruise to go on. These cruises can last for a few nights if you choose, most people take the one day or two day cruise, and it is completely worth it once you experience the beautiful aquatic paths that the numerous islands create.

When choosing the best cruise to take, it does not have to be hard. You can start your search online or you can go to the tourist companies and they can handle all the bookings for you. The prices will depend on the size of boat you rent, how long you will be on the cruise, and what amenities are offered. Cruising Halong Bay will be an experience of a lifetime and with the pictures you are sure to take, it will become stories for your friends and family back home.


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