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In order for a company to remain viable, it needs to continually strive to improve it products. But a company can’t just make changes in the products it makes and sells simply of the sake of change; the company must have a clear idea of what features in the product its current customers like, and what features should be eliminated, changed or otherwise improved upon.

An accurate picture can be obtained with the judicious use of customer satisfaction surveys. With this kind of survey, a company can pinpoint exactly what it is about the product attracts people to buy it, and what features they find must useful. The features can be noted so that they can be retained or even improved upon in future version and models of the product.

The survey can also get a picture of what features most customers would want to be added to the product, and these can then be incorporated in future versions to keep the current customer base satisfied, and to attract new ones.

Small businesses may not have the budget to hire marketing experts to create this kind of survey, but they don’t have too. The Internet is full of sites, which offer free online surveys, and among the many types of surveys, one that gauges customer satisfaction regarding current features and potential improvements can be selected without having to pay anything at all. The business can download free questionnaire templates, which can then be customized for the product or service the company offers to the public.

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