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There are several essential oils that are most commonly found in all natural Lice Prevention and head lice treatment products. These essential oils are preferred for this application because of their potency and their effectiveness in repelling head lice and other insects.

Tea Tree Oil contains dissolvent properties that enable it to penetrate the hard outer shells, or exoskeletons, of insects and smother them. Terpenes present in tea tree oil act as a bug repellent. Head Lice bites and irritating rashes can be calmed with the healing properties of tea tree oil.

Peppermint oil smells great to us, but head lice, mosquitoes, and other insects find it completely disagreeable and steer clear of its path. Peppermint Oil will actually cause a line of ants to do an about-face and march the other way!

Lavender Oil is a proven head lice repellent and has healing and soothing properties. The scent has a calming effect that is known to aid in relaxation and the reduction of anxiety and stress––good things when dealing with Head Lice Treatment.

Lemongrass Oil has an appealing, light citrus scent that fortunately also deters head lice and other insects. As it is an antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent and bactericidal, lemongrass oil is cleansing and refreshing. It’s found in many soaps and household products and is a desirable ingredient to have in preventative lice treatments.

Head lice travel is determined by the detection of the human scent. Altering your own “human scent” by using lice products containing essential oils will help to protect you and your family from head lice.

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