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Website is an integral part of any business firm; it acts as an introductory of the company to the general public. People on the average basis spend exorbitant sum of money in designing an up gradation of the website. A well developed website should be easy to navigate, requires low downtime, provide prompt and reliable information. A well built website has the potential to develop image of the company and enhance the profit revenue. Web hosting is one of the technical aspects involved in website development. Web hosting is nothing but renting out space in world web in order to make the website accessible and visible to the general public. The hosting space required is primarily determined on the basis of the type, size and popularity of the webpage.

Generally a text based web page will require low space in comparison to latest high end flash based website. However, if the website garners high level of traffic, the best option is to opt for cloud hosting. In cloud server, the website is operated on multiple servers rather than being restricted to a single server like in traditional form of hosting. There is several cloud computing companies offering different cloud platform. Online website is the best source to find complete and pertinent information on the cloud servers. There are different hosting companies offering comprehensive service solution at competent price rates. It is imperative to prior verify the authenticity and reliability of the service provider. The price charged by different servicing company varies. The ideal option is to get price estimates and compare prices in order to get best deals possible. 

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