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                                                            New High-end Product Launch
                                                            Release time:2021-06-21

                                                            Since 2016, Kaipu has never stopped on the road of glass bottle packaging deep processing research and development. Whether it is good or bad, we have always adhered to the belief of "making the world's glass bottles better and more usable", and move forward firmly. ! With the continuous growth of the company's R&D team, more and more new products have emerged. What I want to share with you today is the fine red wine bottles --- the zodiac ox series and the blessing series. What's more, the zodiac ox series have two different capacities of 6L and 750ml, and the prototype of the bottle label comes from the Chinese zodiac ox by Mr. Fan Zeng, a master of contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy. According to the requirements, We accurately embodies the essence of calligraphy and painting on the bottle label, and matches the refined glass bottle, then finally the exquisite "Zodiac Bull" series were presented to everyone.

                                                            At the wine tasting scene, the guests spoke highly of the Zodiac ox series of wine, because each bottle has its own exclusive number, including Big Golden Bull (6L), No. 001 Little Golden Bull (750ml), and No. 001 Silver Cow (750ml) and blessed wine (750ml). Subsequently, the limited edition of thirty bottles of Big Golden Bull was also"snatched up". Mr. Fan Zeng signed the bottle on the spot, which set off a wave of climax on the scene.

                                                            This time of cooperation, Kaipu Glass has perfectly contributed to the powerful combination of Chinese art and wine. In the future, we will do better!

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