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                                                            The Art of Wine Bottles
                                                            Release time:2021-05-28

                                                            The Art of Wine Bottles

                                                            The wine bottles after drinking are actually quite beautiful. It's a pity to throw them away, but it takes too much space if you keep them. Next, let's see how people with great brains turn these empty wine bottles into beautiful decorations.

                                                            Drip irrigation

                                                            Flowers and grass like a humid environment. Inserting the wine bottle obliquely into the flower pot forms an irrigation device that is both beautiful and usable. Poke a small hole in the cork and plug it back into the wine bottle. This bottle forms a continuous irrigation environment, and the flowerpot is always moist.

                                                            Let's take a look at the wine bottle flowerpot together! Does this kind of match make people's eyes bright? Just like a piece of art, much more beautiful than the flower pots on the market, wine bottle + succulent, perfect!

                                                            If you want to use it for flower arrangements, then you can use acrylic paint or watercolor paint to draw exquisite patterns on these bottles and jars, and let ordinary bottles into works of art.


                                                            A must-have for birthday parties and family dinners. The candle light gives a warm feeling and feels very comfortable.

                                                            Shoe trees

                                                            Do you sometimes worry that high boots will lose their shape after being put on for a long time? Don't worry, put a bottle in your shoes and never worry about your boots getting out of shape again.


                                                            Made into colorful lampshades, the home is warm and romantic at night.

                                                            storage jar

                                                            With a wine bottle, there is no need to worry about the absence of storage tanks. 100% of the glass is completely free of pollution. Put M&M's chocolate beans to make it very beautiful.

                                                            Bottle trail

                                                            Bury your favorite wine bottles in the soil as a fence in the garden, exposing the neat bottom of the bottle.

                                                            Hey! Just use your imagination, the wine bottle can make your home stylish and beautiful!

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