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The studies conducted by an expert FDA consultant regarding the side effects of statins have brought shocking revelations. This drug expert has been specializing in the areas of atherosclerosis, vascular inflammation, cholesterol metabolism, rhabdomyolysis, obesity, etc. He has been participating in a range of FDA activities to enhance the drug safety. Drug development, clinical trial designs, drug approval, evaluation of drug safety, etc. are some of the vital processes that he has been a part of. This lead medical officer was responsible for assessing the side effects associated with simvastatin, a popular statin prescribed by the health professionals. Statins, popularly known as lipid lowering medicines has the ability to lower the levels of cholesterol in blood. These drugs block the action of an enzyme in the liver which plays a vital role in cholesterol production. It is vital to keep the cholesterol production under control as high levels of these can lead to health conditions like atherosclerosis.

The studies however established a clear connection between statins and rhabdomyolysis. The FDA approved drug, simvastatin 80mg has been identified to be causing the medical condition named rhabdomyolysis. This is a potentially dangerous side effect as the symptoms are dreadful. The patient would suffer from severe muscle pain and would feel weaker. Due to the muscle breakdown, the muscle protein named myoglobin would be present in the patient’s urine. Extensive studies were conducted over twelve thousand people. The rhabdomyolysis expert identified that all seven of the FDA approved statins produces similar effects.

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