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When companies seek to use email designer service, they should always be prepared to face the risks that are associated with this service. The main aim of the email design service is to reach as many clients and customers as possible in a bid to have a successful marketing campaign.

Granted, this is not always the case since the messages are always contained in an email when being sent out to the prospective clients. However, when they arrive to the client’s emails, most of the time they arrive as spam as they are considered as junk mail. This automatically means that the efforts put in Newsletter designing and any other approach all go to waste since the recipient never gets to read the email.

This also affects the budget since all the money which has been put into creating the designs all goes to waste as the design work does not get to yield as much anymore. The issue of cost also cokes up when setting up the original email design since it requires the services of a professional designer. Some it may turn out to be expensive, and given that this is a new trend, the Newsletter designer may take advantage and seek to cash in on the unsuspecting clients.

Also, not everyone has access to internet; so this may be a limiting factor to organizations that solely rely on the email designer service, since they will not be able to reach all their audiences.

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