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There are different forms of advertisements used by various companies in promoting their products and services, and banners are just one of them. These come in different variations based on shape and size. Examples of the available categories of banners include vinyl banners, mesh banners, PVC banners and roller banners. Some of these are used for outdoor purposes while others are mainly for indoor uses.

In many cases, banners are normally affixed on banner stands, which are commonly known as pop up stands. One of the characteristics of these stands is their lightweight nature, allowing them to be used almost anywhere there is a footprint area. However, their bases are heavy enough so as to offer them with enough balance.

Exhibition stands form the second category. On of the examples of such includes the roll up banners. These are also characterized by light weight. Another example is with vinyl banners and these also vary in uses from celebrations and weddings to business advertisings as well as outside signage.

The materials for making Pvc banners are usually characterized by a long lasting nature, water and fade resistance. For this reason, they are mainly used for outdoor purposes and their lifespan can range between three to seven years depending on whether they are laminated or not.

Pvc banners are made from materials that are long lasting, fade resistant and water proof. They have an outdoor life of up to three years but when laminated, can go to even seven years.

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