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It is notable that one cannot find Limousine Hire services in the suburbs of the city if the region is not affluent.  The situation of any type of business has to take into consideration the three pees of marketing.  The first is the place.  The placement of a business like Cheap Limousine London cannot place itself in the midst of low end earning citizens and hope to make the most of the place and location of choice.  The same goes for the price range.  One cannot place their services where no one can afford them.  This is the reason why most limo businesses are placed at six and seven star hotels and affluent regions of any given city.

The third p happens to be the product that is the experience being sold by the owners of the limos.  It is important to note that the product which in this case is London Limos is quite specialized.  The product offers exceptional service, an experience with friends and family that is unforgettable as well as pocket friendly.  The person who hires a limo is assured that his needs will be handled effectively.  His services will be top notch in delivery and style and he will have made memories in the comfort of a stretched out vehicle.  Comfort in style is what a limousine owner sells to the customer who can afford his services and the location is therefore for those who can afford the services too.  The vehicle sells itself to anyone.

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