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There are normally two reasons why a person submits their websites to internet directories. One is normally to get more specific and targeted audiences, while the other is usually to get more back links to generate more traffic and also get higher page rankings. Submission may be done personally, or a link building firm may be chosen so that they may carry out the submission for a fee.

For starters, before choosing a service provider to make the submission, there are a number of things that a person should take in to consideration. The first is that the service provider chosen should not simply make submissions to any directories. The provider should chose quality directories that will only generate back more traffic. Good examples include Yahoo, DMOZ and Google.

Secondly, the link building company chosen to provide directory submission services should provide quality, human work, and not software submission services. This is because most directories today are edited by editors (human) and selecting the wrong category may lead to a site being rejected.

Lastly, the SEO service chosen should always provide a detailed report with reasons as to why specific directories were chosen to submit a site and not others. Additionally, providing an email address to the submission service ensures that an email is sent to the customer once submission takes place.

These are a few considerations that should be kept in mind by any person looking to get quality directory submission services. They will help a person choose the best submission service from the many SEO services available today.


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