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People are lucky today because there is always a solution to their problems. Whether it is a medical condition or a technical problem, there is always a way out. The same concept applies to eye color. If a person does not like his eye color, he can go for a temporary or permanent solution. The temporary solution is done by using colored contact lenses. A permanent eye color change will be for life. People can undergo surgery to change eye color nowadays. Those who are interested in eye color surgery will be pleased to know that the procedure to permanently change eye color will be done in an hour or so in an ambulatory setting.
It is no longer surprising to hear of people getting cosmetic surgery done. Both young and old, men and women alike undergo various cosmetic procedures to make sure that they look attractive. Cosmetic surgery has become very common and according to statistics, the number is increasing tremendously. The surgery to change a person’s eye color came to existence only in 2010 and it is growing ever since. The good thing about changing eye color is that it is reversible and there are no severe side effects. Well, this type of surgery is very safe with no serious complications. The process involves implanting of annular artificial iris, which changes the eye color.
Because it is an outpatient procedure, the patient can resume light activities afterwards. There is no down time although common effects such as tearing and light sensitivity are to be expected for a couple of days. During the first two weeks, you may have blurred vision and this is normal. The doctor will prescribe medication drops to fight infection and inflammation during the recovery period. However, the drops will be used as needed only. Other than avoiding lifting and bending, the patient can do his normal routine. Swimming must be limited for three months after the surgery. Even after the implant surgery, you can go for LASIK treatment.
The popular eye color changing Brightocular surgery is also useful for medical purposes. It is not merely for cosmetic reasons. For example, a person with heterochromia can undergo this surgery to correct their eye color. If a person has aniridia or does not have an iris, the surgery can help him as well. No patient has gone blind with brightocular surgery. However, one cannot rule anything out of surgery but what makes a good product is one that has had no reports of adverse events or risks are very low. Ninety percent FDA approved cataract surgeries are successful. Other eye surgeries have even less than 10% risk. Those who are looking for ways to improve their looks can be assured that the procedure is safe. There is no need for sutures or laser surgery. The simple procedure takes fifteen minutes per eye. Topical anesthesia is applied so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain.

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